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iOS Projects

For TVN Digital Solutions: Official iPhone app for Heidepark Soltau

Heide Park iPhone App   Heidepark App Home Screen  Heidepark iPhone App Map Screen  Heidepark iPhone App Details Screen

  • GPS-based navigation through the theme park. The current position and the best route are shown on the painted version of the parkmap, which is strongly warped compared to the real geography. I solved the problem by developing a standalone editor to define the warping.
  • resource-patching for each resource used in the app. As there where so many resources, I developed a system to patch resources inside the app just by uploading them to a webserver.
  • Facebook and Twitter support
  • inclusion of the ticket shop
  • the app features lots of content, so I used different methods to avoid adding content by hand. For some parts, the CMS of the website was able to produce plists directly. For some other parts, I wrote PHP proxy sites which loaded the park websites via curl and extracted the data I needed.
  • galleries using the three20 lib
  • location-based treasure hunt game

For TVN Digital Solutions: Library to simplify access to the SAP backend of a big publishing house

(I’m not allowed to provide screens or links for this project)

  • static library for use in several apps of the customer
  • hides away the complexity of the SAP backend
  • own logging framework
  • own SOAP framework
  • In-App purchase
  • In-App subscription management

Demo: Speed Pairs

Speed Pairs Icon  Speed Pairs Screen 1  Speed Pairs Screen 2

A 2-player game I developed for fun and to get me into professionel iOS projects. This worked quite well, so I never had the time to develop this any  further than 1.0. But still fun.

PHP + javascript Projects

For core4 : Work on the website of big german publishing house Bastei-Lübbe

  • Zend framework
  • new features
  • bugfixing
  • profiling & performance tuning

For G73: PHP and javascript programming for these websites: HSP-Gruppegutenberg-beuys 

Java Projects

For ID.on : Work on an e-learning app of a big school book publisher

For smartsteuer: Many front- and backend related tasks for their own tax declaration website

For Mentana-Claimsoft: Webapp for administration of their signature servers. (software featured on Cebit 2010)

During my studies:  Board game similar to the japanese ‘Go’ with the name ‘Kaskade’

  • fully network capable, contains client & server
  • animated UI in Swing
  • won the highschool awards for ‘best AI’ and ‘best UI’

Masterthesis ‘Ein eclipse-framework zur automatischen Bestimmung nützlicher Interfaces in Java’. read

This are just the most important projects. Find the complete list with times and used technologies in my Gulp-Profile.