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This CD is dedicated to my grandma, who passed away in the summer of 1997. My grandma never liked the idea of me becoming a musician – she thought I should find myself a permanent job. I never fulfilled that wish of hers, and to make up for it a little I’m dedicating this CD to her.
The title has a two meanings, though, because people call the double bass “grandma” – maybe because of its voluptuos measurements, maybe because of its limited mobility or maybe because of its sensitivity to the weather. In any case, this CD is truly about the double bass. And like grandmas, the double bass is an instrument to love, in spite of its temperament. As a bass player one can work in many diverse musical contexts. The different pieces on this CD reflect this variety.

Tracks 1,3,6,9 and 11:
When I had to give the equivalent of a Senior Concert just before I left university, I was faced with the prospect of having to become a band leader, a prospect that ran directly counter to my natural indolence. I picked out some standards that I liked and tried to understand them from a horn players perspective: first interpreting the theme and then developing fairly extensive solos. This is a demanding exercise for my fellow bandmembers – many feel that accompianing a bass is one of the most difficult tasks a musician can face. Joe and Christian’s performances are simply brilliant in this respect, I think, and I was lucky to have them playing with me in the studio. But also live – at the “Senior Concert” – I was so lucky as to have a fantastic band with Rolf Zielke and Billy Bontas. The concert turned out to be a real success, and that motivated me to start the recordings for this CD. Some years went by before the CD was finished, which may have to do with certain character traits I was born with…

Tracks 4 and 7:
A few years ago I played bass in some folk productions, among them one by and with Werner Lämmerhirt. It was his excellent and tasteful fingerpicking on the guitar that gave me the idea of trying something similar on the double bass. The result are these two compositions, which Рmuch to my great surprise Рturned out to be real favorites with the audience in live performances.

Tracks 2,5,8 and 10:
In October of 1998 I played in a club in Hannover called “Marlene” with Claudia and my band “Banana Jazz Trio”. During rehearsal Claudia suggested asking two singers and long time friends to join us for some of the pieces. I knew them both from the very remarkable a-capella band “Maybebop”. They came for one rehearsal and the next day I called Hrolfur and booked the studio – with them I had found exactly the sound that I needed to round of my solo CD. And on top of this – lucky me – Oliver wrote a beautiful arrangement of “Lonely Women” expecially for this CD, which now has become my favorite.
When I listen to the song I sometimes think of my grandma and how she lost her husband in the war, shortly after her second child was born. These recordings would never have been possible without what she did back then for my mother and her brother. When I think about these things now, I am very close to looking for a “permanent job”, out of sheer gratefulness. But in the corner of my room sits my other, wooden grandma, with her own expectations in me that I would really like to fulfill. How to please them all, those elderly people?!

Frank Fiedler, April 1999

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